Amanda Quivey Designs is dedicated to providing you with stylish, comfortable, and durable cloth masks.

Amanda is a professional costume designer with more than a decade of experience

in creating, building, and perfecting costumes. 


We hope you enjoy browsing the many fabric options available and find something that sparks your interest!


Total Masks Delivered: 645

All masks are made with two layers of tightly woven, 100% cotton fabric 

Elastic ear bands are sewn with reinforced stitching for extra strength 

Entire mask is top stitched for crisp edges and durability

Optional nose wire is two strands of 22-24 gauge powder coated wire for a firm but comfortable fit

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If you would like to further support the effort to provide masks for healthcare workers, first responders, assisted living facilities, homeless shelters, and other groups in need, please visit Masks for Covid at https://masksforcovid.com/

You can donate or volunteer to help! 

Looking for more information? 

Below are resources and tips for effectively wearing a cloth face mask!

Find the official CDC recommendations and guidelines regarding cloth face coverings here: 


Curious how to strike a balance between comfort/breathability and effectiveness? Make sure you read all the way to the end!


Want to add a little more protection?

Insert a folded paper towel (2 layers) or blue automotive towel into your mask using the provided opening. Other materials: dish cloth, flannel blanket (cut into square), coffee filter. Do NOT use anything that wasn't designed to be breathed - vacuum cleaner bags, air conditioner filters - they contain harmful fibers (like glass) that you could inhale.  

Adjusting mask fit - ideally it should be tight across your face and cheeks, with minimal gapping around the edges

  • Add a wire to the top fold of the pocket opening to allow a closer fit around your nose - twisty tie, paper clips, hardware wire all work well. You can place the wire and set the fold shut if you would like a more permanent fix

  • Elastic too big? Try making a knot to make the loops a little smaller

  • Elastic irritating your skin? Make an easy adjustment with a piece of ribbon or cloth and two buttons or use a paper clip

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