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Set under white light

Helvetica's Parents

Present Helvetica and Jared

Future Helvetica and Woman

Past Helvetica, Father, Myron the Teddy Bear

Present Helvetica and Past Helvetica

Past Helvetica and Myron

Myron, Past Helvetica, Mother

Agent, Present Helvetica, Jared

Present Helvetica gives a reading

Myron and Future Helvetica

Helvetica and Myron

Helvetica and Myron

Sample of Projections illustrating scenes from Helvetica's stories


Zelda and Chance

Sarah and Zelda

Zelda and Chance

Chance and Zelda

Sarah and Chance

Sarah and Chance

Chance, Sarah, Luke

Zelda and Chance

Hollins-Mill Mountain Festival of New Works

Scenic and Costume Design

Lighting Design: Ann Courtney 


A play about stories

Director: Katie Mack

An Initial Condition

A determination to create a miracle turns into a journey of the unknown

Director: Bob Moss


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