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Wedding dress will be four layers - ivory silk/cotton blend for the lining, pink silk crepe back satin, ivory lace, and ivory embroidered chantilly lace as the top layer.

Silk organza understructure

Understructure coming together under the close watch of Angela Lansbury and Murder, She Wrote

Fitting the understructure for a perfect shape

Second fitting - before the pink silk arrived. Bride was in Long Beach, I was in Dallas!

Second fitting

Adding horsehair for extra stability

Layers coming together

Layers coming together

Draping the sleeve cap

Adding silk organze selvege to stabilize sleeve cap lace

Fourth fitting! Setting the belt level

Working out the back closure

Appliqueing belt

Sewing chantilly lace trim back onto hem of dress

Setting button position

Cutting silk for bias tape binding

Binding the white lace seams so that they seem to disappear on the pink underdress

Final fitting! With attendant admirer


Front view

Back view



Sleeve cap with lace applique

Applique of heirloom lace piece onto belt

Surprise for the dinosaur loving groom embroidered inside the lining

At the venue

Here comes the bride!

Mr. and Mrs. Scheier

In action...


Happily ever after...

Dressing Mrs. Scheier

A bespoke wedding dress for my dear friend Jennifer. 

The challenges - the bride was in Long Beach and I was in Dallas!

And I was 7-8.5 months pregnant!

Many flights, crepes, and some swollen ankles later, a beautiful dress for a storybook wedding was born. 

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